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    About Feejoy

    Feejoy Technology (ShangHai) Co.,Ltd., established in 2004, is one of the leading manufactures in the sector of industrial measuring instrument in China. Our main products include level switches/ transmitters, temperature & pressure measuring and controlling instrument, flow meters,and infrared thermometer etc. Based on the guidance of ISO 9001:2008, BV, CE, ROHS and the EXPLOSION-PROOF, Feejoy has been providing high quality products and service with professional teams. Feejoy is not the largest industrial measuring enterprise in China, but we are the most acclaimed company for the insistence on the reliability and stability of the products no matter being cheap or expensive. Meanwhile, our capability of providing specific solutions for specific needs brings us praise and awards from Sinopec, Bayer, Basf, CocoCola and so many companies all over the world.

    Production Process


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